Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creature comforts...

My daughter was feeling a bit blue yesterday after our semi annual parent-teacher conference... to which I took her along because I feel that once they have reached a certain age, it simply makes more sense that they hear it directly. What she heard wasn't bad... just that she needs to work on speaking up and contributing more to class discussions. "SOUNDS easy enough..." eeped the all too familiar painfully shy feeling inside of me... and promptly sat down to make her a quick creature to hang on her bulletin board... to fly by and sprinkle a handful of *trau dich* dust (I have dust on my brain at the moment :) in her direction.

Because my work table at home is conveniently situated on a superhighway commonly frequented by assorted blunt and fearless individuals, I usually reap lots of valuable feedback without even trying. For example... "Good... but not as good as usual! If those are supposed to be wings, they look like moose antlers. The face is a little, well, different... but sympathetic. Oh, are those legs? I thought they might be pipes. Where are the feet? But I love those dotted lines. Me too. Me too." Me too! Here's to dotted lines :)

*believe in yourself dust

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  1. Trust in yourself dust...would rhyme better :) Sweet critter!